Top 4 Offbeat Himalayan Treks


Backpackers and explorers from everywhere in the world have already been flocking to the Himalayas to find new walking paths, conquer a fresh and undiscovered peaks, and ascend the unattainable, resulting in the investigation of well-known trekking trails. The Himalayas, which are a significant traveler’s hub in the nation, provide several of the most magnificent trekking sites in north India. Each region has unique adventurous vacation spots.

The Himalayas provide everything for everyone, from weekend brief excursions to substantial expert climbing options. But if you are an adventurous visitor seeking fresh thrill trekking destinations in India, our blog will provide you with information on some unusual hikes in the Himalayas which will capture your soul. Therefore, without any further hemming and hawing, allow me to bring you on a personal tour of certain incredible off-the-beaten-path hikes in India’s Himalayas.

Kalicho Pass Trek: A Hike for a Select Handful of people

Prior to actually crossing the mountain, you must obtain authorization from the Banni Mata Monastery, and therefore only three groups are permitted to do so each year. The groups must accomplish the walk in the time allotted, and all of the regulations must be fulfilled to the letter. This is the most rugged walk in our program, and it will test both your muscular strength and endurance. 

Do it just for the sense of accomplishment you will feel even after you have passed through the mountain. Because this is one of India’s numerous unknown climbs, you must require past climbing knowledge to locate paths. The journey starts in Bhadra, the launching point for the Kalicho Pass. Kalicho Pass’s high points include its sanctified and architectural styles of history, which adds to its allure.

  • The Kalicho Pass rises to an elevation of 15,840 feet.
  • The best time to go on the Kalicho Pass Trek – Later July to early September.
  • Kalicho Trekking Route takes 6 days to complete
  • Complexity: Medium to challenging, with several steep gradients. Because the route may not always be accessible, it is not suggested without the need for guidance.

Brahmatal Trek: Some Other Roopkund Hike

Brahmatal is a great winter trip for snowfall enthusiasts. Temperatures drop to -5o Celsius during the winter evening, which isn’t too difficult in regards to muscular effort. Although few hikes are possible in the winter, the Brahmatal climb is one of India’s finest unusual winter climbs. Hiking through into the deep woodland that leads to a kilometer-long frozen lake. The climb concludes at the summit of the hill, where Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti appears to be within grabbing reach. You may also see the Roopkund Trek from here. Few hikes can claim a high-altitude reservoir, but the Brahmatal trip provides you with the opportunity to trek beside two high-altitude lakes.

  • The base camp for the Brahmatal Trail is located near Lohagunj.
  • Lohagunj – Bekaltal – Brahmatal – Tilbudi – Lohagunj is the trekking path.
  • Snow-covered pastures, views of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti, and two high-altitude lakes are among the attractions of the Brahmatal Trail.
  • Brahmatal Lake is at an altitude of 12,250 feet.
  • The best time to go on the Brahmatal Journey: From December to March.
  • Brahmatal Trail takes 6 days to complete.
  • Complexity: Moderately challenging to extremely hard (mainly because of very low temperatures)

Sandakphu Trek: Get into Two Locations at Once

If you have ever wanted to go cross-country hiking, it was your own chance. The Sandakphu trip, which runs through India to Nepal, provides views of a few of the world’s tallest mountain ranges, including Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, as well as the Sleeping Buddha. You will be standing beside Sleeping Buddha for the majority of the journey. The trek begins as varied as it gets in terms of geography. The Sandakphu Trail provides some of the best hiking adventures in India, including mountain ranges, slopes, dark alpine woods, and dense forests. Your Instagram account will receive the extra boost with a picture-perfect dawn and sunset.

The Sandakphu Journey starts at Jaubhari, which serves as the trek’s campsite.

Trek path: Jaubhari – Tumling – Kalipokhri – Sandakphu – Sabargram – Phalut – Gorkhey – Sepi

Sandakphu Trail features include stepping in both India and Nepal at the same time, as well as views of snow-capped mountain ranges such as the Sleeping Buddha, Mt. Everest, and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

  • The Sandakphu Trek is 11,950 feet high.
  • The best time to go on the Sandakphu Trek – April is the greatest month to visit if you’re looking for rhododendron woods. Winter hikes are available for those seeking snow.
  • The Sandakphu Journey took 7 days to complete.
  • Complexity: Medium, owing to the large distances that must be covered each and every day.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek: Ramble to the Highest Shiva Temple

One of the easiest and most popular trips to Uttarakhand, Chopta Chandrashila trek passes through the pristine lake, the magnificent Shiv temple, and the splendid remote villages adorning the beautiful Chopta Valley. The trek starts from Ukhimath, and will take the Deoriatal via Sari Village. Chopta is a bird sanctuary, where one can see various Himalayan birds like Himalayan Monal, Himalayan Monal, Hill Prinia, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, etc. At Tungnath, pedestrians will see the world’s highest Shiva temple.

After receiving the blessing of Lord Shiva, the pedestrians will proceed to the top of the moon rock, i.e. Chandrashila at 4000 mts. The trip will give one a satisfying view of the beautiful surrounding mountains of Trishul, Inanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. Forgetting the camera at home on this trip can be regret for pedestrians.

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