Best Winter Treks in the Himalayas

Mountain trails in India take on a little beauty during the winter season. As you cross frozen streams, cold grasses, and snow-covered trails during a winter trip to India, you get a lot of fun and excitement while you see the natural side that seems to make you happy!

Spring is the time when nature shows its colorful side, while winter shows its playful side. Winter is the time of year when the gargantuan peaks, which are covered with snow, attract travelers from all over the world to visit the best Himalayan winter treks. once. Although most Himalayan tours are open to the public from mid-May to October, there are alternatives to Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Himachal and the Sikkim Himalayas one can choose to take year-round. If hiking is what you want this coming winter, here is a detailed list of the best winter treks in the Himalayas that promise a complete package of excitement, travel, and memorable holiday information.

Frozen River Chadar Trek- Trekking the ‘Ice way’

Speaking of one of the best hiking trips in the winter, the icy river called Chadar is the most competitive of them all. Along with its name, the Frozen River Chadar Trek turns into a snow blanket during the winter seasons. The Trekkers will start their journey from Tilat Sumdo, then proceed to Naerak Pullu, Tsomo Paldar, and finally end at Chilling. Apart from the high and beautiful peaks, here one can see frozen waterfalls and monasteries.

Dodital Winter Trek- A Journey to Abode of Lord Ganesh

The journey from Sangamchatti to Dodital is one of the best trips for those who want to witness it for the first time. The journey is easy but in winter it is a challenge because it is covered with snow. From Sangamchatti, the trek through dense jungle can be seen by a large number of Himalayan birds fluttering across the sky. As hikers begin to walk up and down the Agoda area, they can see the peaks of Western and Eastern Uttarakhand just in view. The trek will continue to the village of Bebra, a beautiful village known for its potatoes, beans and Rajma fields and the Assi Ganga River. On the banks of the Assi Ghat River, travelers can relax at camp or enjoy the Himalayan trout.

After spending the night in a camp on the banks of the Assi Ganga River, the next day pedestrians will climb the stairs to reach Manjhi. In Manjhi, hikers will rest and arrange a night camp. If you go up a winding road, your next destination will be Dodital Lake. According to legend, Dodital Lake is considered the abode of King Ganesh. Dodital Lake is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in northern India and is famous for being the home of the Himalayan Trout, known as Dodi in the local language. The next day, travelers will board for the final destination, Darwa Pass. This trip is for adventure lovers who want to experience the adrenaline rush during their vacation.

Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek- Sight to behold

If you ever ask a pedestrian about an easy trip to Uttarakhand, his answer will be the Dayara Bugyal Trek. In winter, the area receives heavy snowfall and as a result of this pedestrian trail is converted into a ski slope that spreads over 28 sq. Km. km. The Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek is an excellent choice for beginners and shows the best of the Garhwal Himalayas in a short time.

The trek will start from Barsu or Raithal and after passing through the pine forest, travelers will arrive in Barnala. Barnala is a wooded pasture, which turns into ski slopes during the winter. To the left of the fields, one can see the famous Barnala Lake. The magical feature of this lake is that despite being surrounded by dense jungle, the surface of the lake remains clean. After Barnala, pedestrians will move to Dayara, which is blessed with vast swamps. During the winter, Dayara slopes serve as the best ski resort. After Dayara, hikers will transfer to Bakariya Top, the final destination.

Bedni Bugyal Winter Trek- Painter’s Muse

From the holy city, Rishikesh, the trek will pass to a different high point of Garhwal district. After a long trek from Rishikesh and crossing the beautiful Karnprayag roads, the pedestrians will pass on to Wan Village. From Wan Village, the full tour begins, with many travelers taking the trek up to Bedni Bugyal. The journey from Wan Village to Bedni Bugyal is challenging, one will have to cross dense forest and streams to reach the final destination.

There will be a point in this journey where one does not see even a single tree; all that will accompany one to the end will be the meadows. The flower-covered meadows greet every visitor to Bedni Bugyal. In winter, however, green pastures are transformed into snow carpets, one can see snow as far as the eye can reach. Among the meadows, one can see the sacred pool, where the Tarpanans are given to devotees. Mountains, deep valleys, and high mountains, and above all, the great panoramic view of Trishul and the Inanda Ghunti Mountains are the best in Bedni.

Nag Tibba Winter Trek- Pilgrimage to Nag Devta’s Abode

The Nag Tibba Trek attracts nature lovers, nature lovers, and devout Hindus from different parts of the world. Local people often walk here to visit the Nag Devta (Snake God) to protect the village. The journey to the summit starts from Pantwari. The glorious journey is known for its natural beauty shown here. From Dehradun, the journey passes through hidden places like Pantwari, Nag Tibba, and Devalsari and finally ends at Thatyur. From the village of Thatyur, one can see vistas from nearby peaks such as Swargarohini (6,252 meters) and Nanda Devi (7,816 meters).

Kuari Pass Winter Trek- The Lord Curzon Trail

Exploring the Kuari Pass Trek is an excellent offering from Lord Curzon to India. The trek begins at Joshimath, a city that has been changing as a center for all travelers. The trip will take one down to unknown places and eventually reach the highest point of the trip, Kuari Pass.

When the passenger arrives at Kuari Pass, they will be rewarded with a spectacular view of nearby peaks such as Inanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Kamet, Hathi-Ghodi Parvat, and Dronagiri. As we make our way down the trail, visitors can catch their eye in one of India’s most amazing ski resorts, Auli. It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Garhwal and will continue with a mix of various books, mountain forests or ‘Bugyals’, and rhododendrons forests.

Snow Leopard Trek-Birdies Paradise

The Snow Leopard Trek, as the name suggests, gives one a chance to see snow leopards. The journey itself is exciting. It is located in Hemis National Park, with two passages 3900-4100 m high to cross. Hemis National Park is a wildlife empyrean that preserves natural beauty in the best possible way. Located in the middle of the Himalayas, this trek contains some of the endangered species.

The rugged mountains that cross this trail are home to Tibetan wolves, horned sheep, green sheep, and Eurasian Brown Bear, and more. It is also home to a few species of birds and various species of vultures. Along the way, one can take a look at Rumbak Valley legends. Scenic ideas are the rewards of this extraordinary journey.

Sham Valley Winter Trek- Ladakh’s best-kept secrets

Located in the spellbinding Ladakh region, the Sham Valley Trek is best known for its apricot flowers that bloom in the valley during the winter. The trip is also called a “children’s trip” as it is the best way for beginners.

The trip will take a person to different places, small mountains, streams, and remote areas. The trekking tour starts from Leh and will pass through Yangthang via Chagatse La, Hemis Shukpachan via Tsermangchan La (3750m), the village that runs through Mebtak La and Nurla before graduating in Leh. Also, one can visit a few interesting places like Likir Monastery, primordial Sham Kingdom, and Indus Valley.

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